5 Ways a Transformational Life Coach Can Guide You to Authenticity

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Inside: In this article, you will learn how a transformational life coach can help you connect with your highest and best self.

Have you experienced trauma that’s caused you to lose confidence? Does it feel like no matter how hard you try, you just can’t seem to move past the sludge?

Do you want to make progress toward achieving your goals but you feel overwhelmed by the process?

I’ve been there – and done that…

Whether you’re facing chronic health issues, a terminal illness, or a tough divorce, finding inner peace is difficult no matter your circumstance. If you’re anxious or frightened after suffering from trauma, it’s easy to give up – or even worse – feel like there’s nothing to live for.

As insurmountable as life-changing events may appear in the moment, you can always find a silver lining to a tragedy (if you’re ready and willing to look).

What Is Transformational Life Coaching?

Transformational life coaches help people to create their ideal lives by bringing awareness to the parts of yourself that you may not see. This kind of coaching is especially helpful for those who have experienced massive change and are looking for ways to successfully adapt to their new circumstances.

Rather than changing how you act, transformational life coaches will focus on restructuring how you see yourself. You’ll explore your core identity and take steps to discover your most authentic self.


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    In addition, working with a transformational life coach will help change the way you feel about yourself. It will also show you how you may be sabotaging your efforts at achieving your goals. With the help of a coach, you can identify the beliefs that color your perceptions, govern your behavior, and thereby shape your life.

    Let me introduce myself…

    Hi, I’m Allie and at 26-years-old, I found out that I have the early signs of ALS.

    The past few years haven’t been easy, but they’ve surprisingly led me to a newfound appreciation for life that – I dare say – wouldn’t have been possible without my health challenges. I’ve had to learn a range of skills in order to adapt to my new life.

    This disease has given me an invaluable perspective where I’m perpetually living in a state of both living + dying. However, although every person is in this same situation, we aren’t living in accordance with this awareness.

    I want to show you how to go beyond your diagnosis and create a meaningful life no matter your limitations or capabilities. Learn more about my story and my coaching philosophy!

    So, is transformational life coaching right for you?

    What Are the Benefits of Transformational Coaching?

    Image of scrabble letters that spell out "Turn wounds into wisdom." What Are the Benefits of Transformational Coaching?

    A Sense of Empowerment

    Transformational coaching provides an opportunity to fully express yourself in a supportive environment without being judged, censored, misinterpreted, or criticized. You control where the session goes. It’s empowering to learn that you have control over your life by simply changing your perceptions, thoughts, and beliefs.

    A Deeper Understanding of Yourself

    With this process, you will discover things about yourself that you never thought possible. Sessions involve targeted questions where you’ll discover your true desires and unlock your full potential.

    Increased Energy

    When you are actively engaged in self-discovery, you’ll feel the passion and enthusiasm that flows naturally from the healing process. More energy is available when your innermost self is in a balanced and harmonious state.

    More Satisfying Relationships

    Because you are learning about yourself, you are also learning about your relationships. Self-awareness can make your relationships more satisfying and rewarding. As you become more authentic, your relationships become more authentic, too.

    Greater Engagement

    Chronic feelings of disconnection can negatively impact both mental and physical health. Isolation from others can cause physical and psychological symptoms including substance abuse. When you feel connected and actively engaged with others and with life, your sense of well-being improves, life gets better and your relationships are more enjoyable.

    5 Ways a Transformational Life Coach Can Guide You to Authenticity

    1. Transformational Life Coaching Increases Self-Awareness

    Image of a white woman with red hair looking away and contemplating after meeting with a Transformational Life Coach.

    Self-awareness is an important part of becoming your best self. Science tells us that 95 percent of our brain activity is unconscious. The subconscious mind determines our habits, creativity, emotions, personality, beliefs, values, and long-term memory.

    Because we live largely on auto-pilot, we can’t understand why we’re triggered to do the things we do. Developing self-awareness is an essential part of emotional intelligence that will help you discover your hidden motivators. Transformational life coaches can help hold a mirror to your thoughts so that you can gain more clarity into your habits and patterns.

    2. A Transformational Life Coach Can Help You Discover Your Purpose

    Volunteers hand out food to an elderly woman.

    Do you feel like your life has a purpose? If not, a transformational life coach can help you find it. The latest scientific research indicates that having a life purpose reduces the risk of dying early. Individuals without a strong life purpose were more likely to die of cardiovascular disease. Additionally, they were twice as likely to die during the study than those who believed they had a purpose.

    A transformational life coach will work with you to discover how your strengths can better serve the world. 

    3. They Help You Set Goals That Align With Your Deepest Desires

    Image shows an excited woman after competing in a marathon.

    Unlike traditional coaching and counseling, goal setting in transformational coaching is more about identifying meaningful goals than attaining those goals. If a goal lacks meaning on the deepest levels of your psyche, you will go out of your way to avoid attaining it, but you won’t know why.

    On the other hand, a goal that’s based on your deepest desires will always be attainable. That’s because when something really matters to you, you will find a way to achieve it, and it can happen in the most remarkable way.

    4. They Help You Identify and Release Limiting Beliefs

    A woman looks out from behind a fence.

    Getting rid of limiting beliefs can be really difficult. Some of those beliefs are so deep that they are difficult to identify, let alone banish. Thoughts based on limiting beliefs can easily go unnoticed, but the effects of those thoughts are always evident.

    Eliminating false beliefs requires vigilance. When people are unable to let go of them, it’s usually due to a lack of vigilance that allows limiting beliefs to evade detection.

    Vigilance increases self-awareness, and self-awareness helps us make conscious choices. Letting go of limiting beliefs requires a heightened awareness of the thoughts and perceptions that result from those beliefs. It also requires replacing limiting beliefs with expansive beliefs.

    5. They Provide Support While Holding You Accountable

    An experienced coach will tell you what is expected of you before the work begins. You report your progress at regular intervals, and you receive encouragement, feedback, and support. Accountability keeps the process moving forward, and that allows you to achieve results.

    Final Thoughts on 5 Ways a Transformational Life Coach Can Guide You to Authenticity

    Regardless of the problem at hand, a transformational life coach can help you to connect with your innermost self. When you are living in authenticity, you are empowered to work with yourself rather than against yourself. You have the self-knowledge to create a life that’s beyond your wildest dreams.

    Allie Schmidt
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    Allie Schmidt is a rare disease advocate and disabled mom living with motor neuron disease. She founded Disability Dame in 2020 to provide tips to other moms living with disabilities and chronic illnesses.

    In her spare time, you can find her traveling with her husband (she's been to 38 states and 16 countries!), watching reruns of Survivor, or tending to her near-constant sunburn from spending too much time outside. You can follow her adventures here.

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