21 Pregnancy Gifts for First-Time Moms in 2022 (+ Discount Codes)

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Inside: If you know a soon-to-be mother, then check out this list of gifts for first-time moms that can help you find the best way to show your pregnant friend or family member how much you care.

Disclaimer: All of these thoughts are my own. However, as an Amazon + Share-A-Sale Associate, I may earn a small commission if you purchase from one of the links below.

Are you shopping for a special soon-to-be mama?

Finding a great gift for anyone in your life is difficult, but that can be especially true when you’re trying to shop for a pregnant friend or family member and want to get it perfect!

The soon-to-be mom in your life certainly has a ton on her plate. On top of all of the physical challenges that pregnancy entails, she also has to prepare a nursery, organize baby showers, go to appointments, stock up on diapers and other baby supplies, and so much more.

She’s likely exhausted after all of this, and although a gift for her newborn may be appreciated, she deserves something for all of her hard work too.

Between the swollen ankles, back pain, and all of the other challenges that she faces every day, this soon-to-be mom has earned a little pampering. Therefore, if you want to show how much you care about your pregnant friend, then instead of buying yet another item for her cute bundle of joy, check out these pregnancy gifts for first-time moms.

What Makes a Good Gift for a Newly Pregnant Friend?

Gifts for First-Time Moms

Pregnant women have to deal with a lot. The mood swings, cravings, aches and pains, and tight schedule can get to someone, so it’s important to get her a gift that will help her relax.

Also, make sure to consider the stage of her pregnancy when getting a gift. You don’t want to get her something that she won’t have much use for throughout most of her pregnancy.

A thoughtful gift basket full of pregnancy-safe products may be the way to go. Make sure to keep that in mind while taking a look at the following list of great pregnancy gifts for first-time moms!

21 Pregnancy Gifts for First-Time Moms in 2022 (+ Discount Codes)

1. Kyte Baby Matching Pajama Set

I was given a Kyte Baby newborn set when I was pregnant, and it was one of my favorite gifts I received. The Kyte Baby matching pajama sets are ultra luxurious and come in a wide variety of colors and designs. With these cute pajamas, you can express your individuality with your child in a fun and comfy way (plus it makes for adorable photo opps, which every new mom loves)!

2. Subscription to Daily Harvest

Gifts for First-Time Moms

It’s difficult finding time to make food for yourself between breastfeeding, diaper changes and baby cuddles. Do your friend the ultimate favor and send her a Daily Harvest gift box full of nutritional foods like delicious smoothies, harvest bowls and flatbread pizzas. She’ll appreciate this thoughtful gift as it will save her time from focusing on yet another one of her countless responsibilities! Use code disabilitydame for $40 off your first box at checkout.

3. Volcanica Coffee

Nothing fuels a new mom like coffee. Get her sleepless nights started off on the right foot with a volcanic coffee gift box set. Follow the hyperlink for Free Shipping on all Orders $60+.

4. Prenatal Massage

Cramps and pregnancy are like peas and carrots. After several months of hormonal changes and physiological growth, your pregnant friend will probably get pretty sore. A professional prenatal massage can help ease your friend’s pain while improving circulation and helping her relax.

5. Cozy Earth Stretch-Knit Bamboo Pajama Set

I received the Stretch-Knit Bamboo Pajama Set as a Christmas present from my mother-in-law, and it’s seriously one of the most comfortable things I’ve ever put on my body. This set is made with a soft, lightweight bamboo material that keeps you cool as you sleep. It might not be relevant to a pregnant women who’s in her third trimester, but she’ll surely appreciate it during postpartum. Get 30% off Cozy Earth Sitewide With Code: COZYFOURTH

6. Nurtured 9 Healthy Happy Hacks Pregnancy Gift Box

ut. The Healthy Happy Hacks Pregnancy Gift Box beautiful features the super handy pregnancy book, Pregnancy Hacks, which features 350+ different tips & tricks to help Mama navigate pregnancy a bit more gracefully and the company’s signature luxurious (& comfy!) pajamas, so the soon-to-be mom can look effortlessly chic as she breezes through the day thanks to all of her pregnancy hacks.

7. First-Time Mom’s Pregnancy Journal

First-Time Mom's Pregnancy Journal

The highs and lows of pregnancy are worth remembering. With a high-quality First-Time Mom’s Pregnancy Journal, it’ll be easier than ever for your pregnant friend to preserve their meaningful memories in writing forever.

I was thrilled when a fellow mom gifted me a self-curated box with these lactation cookies, some scrunchies, ChapStick and fuzzy socks! It was so thoughtful! I’m not going to lie, I ate all of the cookies before my son was actually born. Cookies we’ll never make it more than 24 hours in our house.

Gifts for First-Time Moms

9. Safe + Fair Food Bundle

Nothing beats a huge assortment of tasty treats. Your loved one is going to crave a huge variety of flavors over her pregnancy journey, so she needs something that will satisfy her changing tastes. The Safe + Fair food bundle contains sweet treats, savory morsels, and everything in between so that your pregnant friend only needs to go as far as the cupboard to find just the right snack for her mood.

10. Lilly + Jade Diaper Bag

The a soon-to-be new mom and your life will never leave the house without her diaper bag in the near future. Give her the ultimate gift of luxury with a high-quality Lily and James diaper bag. These are coveted amongst the new mom community!

11. Anything from Earth Mama

Earth Mama is the mecca for everything pregnancy, postpartum and motherhood. From high-quality nipple balm to Organic No More Milk Tea,  you simply can’t go wrong when purchasing something for the new soon-to-be mom in your life from Earth Mama. They even have pregnancy loss gifts in the event of a tragic circumstance.

12. Vinglace Wine Gift Set

After the soon-to-be mom in your life delivers and she’s starting to feel back to her normal self, she will want to resume pre-baby activities like girls’ night with wine! Get the celebration started with the Vinglace gift set!

13. Sonogram Pregnancy Frame

It’s amazing how much her baby will grow over just a few months. Each new stage is a reason to celebrate, so the sonogram photos at each stage of pregnancy shouldn’t be locked away in some forgotten attic. A triple sonogram pregnancy frame will allow your loved one to celebrate her child’s growth in her womb for years to come.

14. Ecocentric Mom Trimester Gift Boxes

The Ecocentric Mom offers well-curated gift boxes based on the trimester that the soon-to-be mom is in. They give everything necessary for the mama-to-be to nurture herself and focus on her own well-being. Check out all of the boxes full of pampering & practical goodies! Use Code TRIMESTER40 at checkout for BOGO 40% off!

15. Cloud Cotton Robe from Parachute

Help the special mom in your life relax in a luxurious robe. These Parachute robes come in a range of colors and are made of the softest materials so that your loved one can relax in the comfort that she deserves.

16. Luxurious Ugg Slippers

Your friend is on her feet all day, and they certainly hurt. Often, pregnant women are forced to squeeze their feet into cramped shoes for most of the day, so she deserves something comfy when she gets home. A pair of Ugg stylish slippers will allow her to move around more stylishly than ever before when she gets home after a long day.

17. Personalized Catch-All Pouch Set From Minted

There are so many things to pack and remember once you have a child! It’s not as simple as just spontaneously leaving the house one day. You have to make sure that you have everything covered! These Minted catch-all pouch sets come in a variety of cool designs and feature free personalization so that your loved one can always look good while always having whatever she needs right by her side.

19. Everlane Luxury Socks

Comfortable feet are important for everyone, but that’s especially true for pregnant women. After walking around all day, a pregnant woman’s feet can be very swollen and painful. Thankfully, these luxury cotton socks are made with quality materials and good stitching to decrease swelling and optimize comfort.

20. Hair Accessories

Trying to find the clothes that fit well during pregnancy is a challenge! Help your friend out with some cool hair accessories instead. She can use these during pregnancy and postpartum when the baby hairs start getting out of control!

21. Foot Massager

Swelling and extra weight can cause a pregnant woman’s feet to hurt like never before. However, getting someone to rub them whenever they hurt can be quite a challenge. This effective foot massager will ensure that your friend can get the relief that she needs whenever her dogs are barking.

Final Thoughts on 21 Pregnancy Gifts for First-Time Moms in 2022 (+ Discount Codes)

Picking thoughtful pregnancy gifts for first-time moms can be a bit of a challenge. You want to show how much you care, but with so many different products to choose from, you may be stuck over analyzing all of your options. Thankfully, all 21 of these pregnancy gifts for first-time moms are thoughtful, practical, and affordable, so you can show your pregnant friend or family member how much you care without breaking the bank.

Remember, pregnancy comes with a lot of ups and downs, so on top of giving her a thoughtful gift, you should try your best to regularly check on your friend and show her how much you care.

What would you add to this list of pregnancy gifts for first time moms? Tell me in the comments below!

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