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Allie smiles at the camera wearing a shirt with the Disability Dame logo. She specializes in corporate consulting services.

CORPORATE consulting

Why Your Company Should Care About The Disabled Community

In today’s world, companies are evaluated by their commitment to “doing good,” while the pandemic has brought focused attention to the disabled and immuno-compromised community. As a result, companies can’t afford to ignore the ever-evolving values of the upcoming generation, and, instead, must adapt to new market demands.

According to the Return on Disability Research Group, “The disability market constitutes an emerging market the size of China and the European Union with 1.85 billion people and $1.9 trillion in annual disposable income. People with disabilities and their friends and family, who act on their emotional connection, together, control over $13 trillion in annual disposable income.

Companies that don’t prioritize people with disabilities through their workplace, products, and/or marketing efforts risk losing out on this emerging segment to competitors that have embraced the needs of this untapped market.

CORPORATE consulting

My Experience & Values

Corporate marketing is my bread and butter. At Fruit of the Loom, I focused on product development where quantifiable market research led every decision and profit margins were slim. I understand the financial impact of making product changes and only make recommendations with your ROI in mind.

At Spalding, I lead the digital marketing department where I saw firsthand what can happen when customers feel connected to your products. I was charged with updating the brand perception from “heritage” to “innovative” and launching an all-new website in line with the new brand image we wanted to evoke. With a proven track record of success, I know how to get your website in front of potential customers and offer creative solutions for connecting with your online community.

At Tractor Supply, Co., I learned how to create new brands from scratch including naming, brand colors, logos, taglines, product assortments, etc. in order to capitalize on existing customer segments. Having managed over 20 exclusive, in-house brands, I am an expert at working with designers to create brands that resonate with customers.

What can i do for your company?

Product Development

Since I’m physically disabled, many companies want to hear about my real-life experiences using their products. I’m not shy when it comes to telling business leaders where their products are missing the mark.

From there, we move into product development where we go through rounds of prototype trial and error. Then, we move into the promotional phase where we work together to decide the best approach for bringing the adapted product to market.

The value of having someone on your team that is physically disabled AND understands marketing strategy cannot be overstated.

Digital Marketing

 Look, it can be hard getting your product in front of your customers in any industry, but marketing to the disabled community is an entirely different beast. Many of the paid media tactics won’t work because of strict advertising regulations. (I dealt with this very issue when starting my blog!)

Eventually, I figured out what works and what doesn’t. To help you save time and money, I can devise a marketing strategy that puts you directly in front of your target audience in the most efficient way possible.

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