27 Practical After Surgery Gifts that Help with Recovery (Especially #5)

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Inside:  Looking for the best after surgery gifts to show someone you care? Click to find 27 great options (Especially #5).

Disclaimer: All of these thoughts are my own. However, as an Amazon Associate, I may earn a small commission if you purchase from one of the links below.

Coincidentally, my dad is in the hospital right now, making it the perfect time to create a list of practical after surgery gifts.

It can be hard watching your loved one (especially, a parent with a chronic illness) deal with the stress of doctors and hospitals. For a lot of people, surgery can cause anxiety and worry.

If someone that you know is dealing with a particularly hard surgery, they may be experiencing grief. You can help them feel more comfortable by getting them an after surgery gift.

Need help with finding the best after surgery gifts? Keep reading to find the bests option below!

27 Practical After Surgery Gifts that Help with Recovery (Especially #5)

1. Ice Cream 

Practical After Surgery Gifts

There’s nothing I enjoy more than a good pint of ice cream (Other than, maybe, cookies?). If your loved one has a sweet tooth anything like mine, you can’t go wrong with ice cream. You can use Gold Belly to find special flavors delivered right to their door.

2. Preloaded Kindle

This one is a really special gift for the avid reader in your life. There’s not much to do when laying in bed and recovering from surgery, so get them a Preloaded Kindle with books you think they would like.

After Surgery Gifts

3. Specially Curated Playlist

One of the best after-surgery gifts that doesn’t cost a lot of money is a specially curated playlist. This is a super thoughtful way to show someone you care. 

4. DoorDash Gift Card

There’s no better gift than the gift of food. Get someone who’s recovering from surgery a DoorDash gift card and help them not have to think about meal planning for the rest of the week. 

5. Bedside Storage Organizer

Honestly, I think this is one of the best after surgery gifts that you can give someone. It’s frustrating losing the remote or rolling over on top of a magazine when you’re laying in bed. Help them keep all of their necessities in one convenient place by getting them a Bedside Storage Organizer.

6. Babysitter

If the person recovering from surgery has kids, help them out with free babysitting. You can find someone at sittercity.com (but that might be a little weird inviting a stranger into their home) or post on a local community board. You could even do it yourself! Bonus, if you can take the child to your house and let the parent(s) have a few hours of quiet rest.

7. Cleansing Wipes

Recovering from surgery memes that you might not be able to take a shower for a while. Help a friend out and get them some cleansing wipes to help them refreshen during their stay. 

8. Gift Card to Pharmacy

This one is definitely one of the most practical on the list, but definitely a necessity for people who have costly prescriptions.  A Walgreens gift card could offer a 1-2 punch with medicine and ice cream all the same place!

9. Frequent Flyer Miles

If someone you love is having to fly a lot for their appointments, donate some of your frequent flyer miles to them or buy them an airline gift card! 

10. Create a Web Page

It can be draining on the family to give constant updates on the status of their loved ones’ health. Help them out by creating a web page at CaringBridge that can be a one-stop-spot, so everyone can get regular updates without directly asking the family. 

11. TENS Machine

Another great gift would be a TENS unit muscle stimulator. This provides pain relief and acts as a muscle/shoulder massager and muscle relaxer. It’s great for muscle recovery.

12. Handheld Game

Ease their boredom with an old school handheld game. This handheld game console provides 500 built-in classic games including 2D, sports, racing, shooting and fighting games.

13. Sweat Pants

Nothing is more valuable when you’re going to be laying in bed all day than a pair of great sweatpants. Help them feel their coziest with these Champion Lightweight Jersey Sweatpants.

14. Lumbar Support Cushion

Help them lay or sit more comfortably with the Purple Lumbar Support Cushion. The Back Cushion is made from a 100% Grid that’s been molded to perfectly fit the contour of the lower back and includes a cushion cover with securing strap to keep it in place.

15. BeltBro

BeltBro | Lightweight, No-Buckle Belt

BeltBro is an innovative belt with no buckle that has breathable and long-lasting material keeping you comfortable the entire day. It is the best belt alternative for the elderly or someone with mobility problems since it ensures clothes are well in place and offer comfort and support when moving around.

16. Coloring Book

If someone you know is going to be laying in bed for a while, and get them a coloring book to help pass the time. This People of Walmart.com Adult Coloring Book has great reviews!

17. Scar Recovery Gel

Help them heal quicker with the SkinMedica Scar Recovery Gel, a clinically-proven topical scar treatment gel that contains a proprietary blend of naturally-derived specialty ingredients.

18. Chapstick

What is with hospitals and chapped lips? It’s a guarantee that anytime you stay in the hospital your lips will break apart and bleed. Help a friend out and get them a pack of Chapstick Classic Collection Lip Balm

19. Reflection Journal

With all the extra time lying in bed, it’s a great time for self-reflection. Get them the Gratitude: A Day and Night Reflection Journal so they can help process their thoughts. 

After Surgery Gifts

20. Socks

Is there anything better than a pair of cozy socks? Short answer, no. These super cute crew socks are great for dog lovers!

21. Watercolor Paint Set

Again, it can get really boring staying inside and recovering from surgery. Help them out with a waterfall color paint set and encourage a new hobby they never knew they’d love! 

22. Hydracy Fruit Infuser Water Bottle

People recovering from surgery need lots of hydration! Get them the Hydracy Fruit Infuser Water Bottle, a 32oz water bottle with a full-length fruit infuser basket. It also features a timeline, so you can easily track daily water intake.

23. Epsom Salts

I almost always use Epsom Salts during my baths, regardless of if I’m recovering from surgery or not. They help with relaxing muscles and just give an overall nice fragrance to a comforting bath. 

24. Tablet Stand

A tablet stand is and is a great gift to help someone pass the time while laying in bed. We don’t have a TV in our bedroom, so using a tablet stand instead would work perfectly! 

25. Electric Heating Pad

This Cordless GoHeat Sunbeam heating pad is a convenient way to get the relief you need. It delivers pain relief anywhere and anytime you need it—the rechargeable battery and easy-to-use battery unit fit into the pad pocket.

26. Gel Pad Massager

This Gel Pad Massager has great reviews on Amazon and features eight bi-directional rotation kneading massage heads for ultimate pain relief!

27. Book Subscription

If your loved one needs to recover for a while, get them a book club subscription. Literati is the only celebrity-curated book club that delivers books.

After Surgery Gifts

Final Thoughts on 27 Practical After Surgery Gifts that Help with Recovery (Especially #5)

Going through surgery is a stressful event in someone’s life. Help them out by getting them one of the best after surgery gifts for recovery.

I hope this list provided great options for you to choose from! I also hope that your friend or loved one have a successful recovery!

Did you find that any of these gifts worked for you? Tell me in the comments below!
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  1. Great list! It can be so difficult to know what to give someone post-op! The chapstick and pre loaded kindle would have been perfect for my last op. Although the grapes we tend to get showered with are delicious thoughtful practical things are sooo helpful!


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