What is Disability Dame?

From setting schedules to setting boundaries, Disability Dame helps moms balance motherhood with the stress of chronic illness and disability. We help moms, just like you, carve out time to focus on creating a happier, fuller life.

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    Does this sound familiar?

    You struggle to get out of bed every morning as you lay there listening to the sound of your baby crying.

    You pray that the pile of dirty dishes overflowing in the sink will magically disappear.

    You feel guilty for serving your child frozen dinners three nights in a row while he eats in front of an iPad.

    You’re not alone.

    Disability Dame has helped moms, just like you, make parenting easier. If you’re caught up in feelings of guilt and self doubt, we can help you realign your perspective. If you’re struggling to find balance and don’t know where to begin, we can help you create a schedule that works for your family. 

    “Loved this blog. I’ve been struggling with accepting help. I have Fibro and Lymes Disease and just had my second child and felt guilt over considering hired help especially with COVID. But your blog really helped me realign my thinking.”

    Liz McTan, O.C. Mom Collective


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