Discover the Untapped Market Worth $1.3 Trillion

Let our specialized accessibility and marketing consultants help you target the disability community and increase market share.

Disability Dame provides strategic consulting for companies in the disability market.

About Allie Schmidt

Founder & Consultant

Allie is a marketing consultant dedicated to solving accessibility challenges in the disability community. After acquiring a physical disability at 26, she quickly realized the gap in the market. She launched Disability Dame in 2020 and continues to help brands navigate this complex market and increase ROI.

Check Out What We Can Do

In today’s world, brands are evaluated by their social impact initiatives. Explore how we can help you adapt to new market demands.

Conducted with and by people with disabilities, our focus groups can test the ease of use of a product or service and provide feedback and recommendations.

We assess strategic opportunities across product lines, customer segments, geographies, and more as they relate to accessibility.

We analyze and validate branding concepts through expert advice, feedback, and perspectives.

We partner with brands that align with our ethos and promote them to the disability community.

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